Touch, Sara Peluso

Forecasting Prize/Award

“Future is about touch”

“Touch is the first sense for a child”

“The speed of change is fast. Very, very fast”. The team of Sara Peluso, Design Researcher from Milano (Italy) is the winner of the Forecasting Prize/Award of the TWOTY 2013 competition. Their vision “The image of Progress”. Teammember Andrea Zero says:  “Our aim is to give new value and feedback on everything we create. Think of a picture (photograph) where you actually can feel the floor, the leaves and so on…”. There is a loud applause from the  audience in the Amsterdam Houthaven Lab on september the 13th 2013 (!).

The winning team

Industry and Design

As Andrea Wiegman (organiser, SecondSight) says on behalf of the Jury: “This Forecasting Prize/Award is not the most easy part”. It is about sharing your secrets. “It is between futurists and trendwatchers, close to the Industry and Design” . Working with IBM and Disney on new tactile systems, we certainly will hear more from the team.


I ask them on their view on Healthcare. Will distant communication doctor-patient will be influenced by adding ’touch’ to the ear, the eye.. ? Think of eHealth and Domotics. What are the possibilities?

Interview Andrea Zero