ZIP and TEDx

Janneke de Groot explains what the ZIP (Health Innovation Platform) in The Netherlands means for innovation.

Normally the once-a-month ZIP-meeting is in Utrecht, but now Maastricht is the place-to-be because of Medicine 2.0.’10. Earlier in 2010 Janneke invited people to send a one minute YouTube pitch.

Lucien Engelen tells more about the TED initiative (Technology, Entertainment and Design)

TEDxMaastricht ‘Nurses and Nerds’ will be organized at april, 4th, 2011 in “het Theater aan het Vrijthof” in Maastricht.

TEDxMaastricht is the European stage for bright ideas, bold thinkers and innovators in medicine and healthcare. TEDxMaastricht inspires you to join the exciting movement where healthcare consumers actively participate in their own care, co-decide as a part of their own healthcare team, share information and take responsibility for their own health supported by smart technologies and internet services.