Virtual Reality (VR) in Medicine

Clifford Dive

My question (see video) to Clifford Dive:

What can we do with VR applications in Health
One of the many spinoff areas beyond entertainment. Think of the 360 stereo shot of your body during the operation you are doing.. A lot of scope in the medical fields, innovation, education and experience things….  Clifford was one of the speakers on the huge IBC2016 in Amsterdam.

Video processing

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Medical Realities

Published on Jun 2, 2015, this is a 360 degree video, click and drag to change the angle of view.
Watch using Chrome browser on desktop or the YouTube app on Android devices to view in 360 degrees. ‘Medical Realities‘ is a new business committed in developing virtual interactive surgery for teaching and training for a fully immersive educational experience. You are watching part of an experience developed for virtual reality headsets which will be used to train medical students in the future. The procedure being performed in the video above is a laparoscopic right hemicolectomy for cancer of the colon performed by Dr Shafi Ahmed Consultant Surgeon at St Bartholomews Hospital, London, 2015. This is the first full 360 surgical video on YouTube and provides a unique view of the operating theatre and team (Source: YouTube) .


Read Cliffords comments on panoramic video (