Reluctancy on eHealth


Question by Videoconferencing

Professor Dr.Petre Dini

Professor Dr.Petre Dini (Full Professor, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada) and President IARIA virtually is present in the meeting as one of members of the Graduation Committee (Referee). The discussion will be broadcasted here (7+ minutes).

Hans Ossebaard, june 15th 2012, Enschede, The Netherlands (University of Twente)

Society Reluctant

What are the next steps? Education is important. However unity is important. Handbooks and Overviews as prepared by NVEH together with Syntens and our University. For Healthcare Institutions to adopt eHealth there are barriers like money, attitude and poor change management. Drivers are the promise for more efficacy, but that must be proved. Consumers already expect this. Strategy needs more time ….