Human Computer Interaction made easy

Internet of Things (IOT)

Maxustech leading innovators in human-computer interaction has announced the Welle – a sonar device that instantly turns any surface into a home smart controller After years providing successful HCI (Human Computer Interaction) solutions, a group of engineers and experts in human sensing techniques have created a clever device that turns any surface into a smart interface instantly. Internet of Things (IOT) coming to life!


The first device
The Welle is the first device of its kind to use embedded sonar to detect human motion and gestures for the control of smart devices and apps in the home or office. Using the same sonar technology utilized for high-level sensing in drones and self-driving cars, the compact Welle device sits on any flat surface and senses movements and user defined gestures with a highly sensitive touchless gesture control algorithm. Welle works in the home, office or anywhere with a Bluetooth connection.


By placing Welle in a central location hand gestures can be used to control smart devices such as: Lights, TVs, Speakers, Doors, Thermostats, Cams, Curtains, Fans, and more. Conveniently, no contact with the Welle is necessary to initiate control. Welle emits safe ultrasonic waves and collects echoes that bounce back from targets within its sensing area. The echoes are extracted and then translated into different instructions using an advanced hardware design and software algorithms. These instruction are then sent to Internet of Things devices, software applications or home automation controllers to perform nearly any task. Welle works with other smart devices using the reliable Bluetooth protocol for easy wireless connection and transmission. By utilizing Bluetooth and Ultrasonic sonar technology, Welle functions at a much lower power consumption than devices using previous methods.


“Our goal was to create convenient control for people that could be used anywhere. Our team creates technology that adds pleasure to life by amplifying natural human ability”. The feedback has been amazing. The first reaction that people have is Wow! Mark Zeng, CEO & Founder The Welle experience doesnt just create convenience, it totally transforms home and office life and introduces a new way for people to interact with their favorite devices. Welle is available for pre-sale (crowdfunding) to the public with special pricing and rewards for Kickstarter backers.