eHealth Strategies EU


Op eHealth-Strategies zijn de landenrapporten gepubliceerd die opgesteld zijn in het kader van het programma eHealth Strategies.

Het rapport over Nederland werd door Chris Flim opgesteld en gereviewd door Nictiz en VWS

De rapporten bieden overzicht en inzicht in de aanpak van eHealth in veel Europese landen. Lees hier het landenrapport over Nederland

Chris Flim (Secretaris NVEH) tijdens KNMG congres op 9 februari 2011 te Utrecht


Monitoring eHealth Strategies: lessons learned, trends and good practice cases

Study rationale:

Fostering the development and implementation of national eHealth policies and strategies has been a key goal of the European Union (EU) eHealth Action Plan of 2004.
The work in this project builds upon earlier EC-funded projects, chief of which is the eHealth ERA project, which mapped for the first time Member States eHealth and RTD activities.

Study objectives:

The study will describe, measure and assess:

*national eHealth policies, strategies and implementation measures
*progress achieved, focusing on selected eHealth Action Plan priorities
*particular challenges and enablers faced by Member States in achieving these goals and
*European and national actions which may support the further realisation of the eHealth Action Plan.


At the end of the study, a summary European level progress report will be published. It will include:

*main findings and an assessment of progress made by Member States and other European countries towards realising key objectives of the eHealth Action Plan,
*lessons learned in this context and good practice cases from national eHealth programme planning and implementation,
*recommendations on areas where EC support as well as further coordination and collaboration among Member States may be warranted.