Authory Forever. I will explain!

At least three years ago

I had my first contact with Eric Hauch, founder and CEO of Authory. And I immediately decided to participate. But practising as a Dutch medical doctor for many years, I joined the journalist community much later in life. Would this Authory tool be fruitful? Being fascinated by so many topics my publications are scattered all over the place. Although I have an own website for many years. Surprise!

What a surprise to find hundreds of articles! My first scientific paper about my own experiences as a young doctor in an Intensive Care Unit. The 1978 polio epidemic in The Netherlands. Important to remember these (COVID19) days. Nowadays anti-vaxxers in the air. I also found my one and only publication for Foodlog on blockchain technology in the (food) supply chain.

The Newsletter makes Authority once more interesting for journalists in particular (will you follow me* from now on?). Newsletters are a very powerful tool for journalists, as explained in a recent course! You have my word, when I say that I am a Authory supporter from 2018 on. And I wrote about this last spring on the journalistic medium With the growing number of colleagues/subscribers, the platform will be more and more useful. Certainly, I still miss publications (articles) on Linkedin. Multimedia like audio (soundcloud) and video (YouTube) are part of my world. But conversation with the founders is always constructive. And innovation is key..

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