Messiah around the Clock

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Streaming Video on his best.

Yesterday december 23th, 2010, the day before Christmas Eve

A large crew of IGlow and partners, and -yes indeed around the clock preparations also- thanks to the Province of Overijssel. This happens in the “Grote of Sint Michaelskerk”, Zwolle, The Netherlands, where in 1932  famous Albert Schweitzer plays on the beautiful Schnitger organ.

Preparations already in the afternoon

Besides the choir and orchestra of professionals, about 100 singers (amateurs) participate in a workshop in the afternoon to join forces in the evening!

Short Video fragment of the workshop (one minute):

Web 2.0

It really is broadcasting anno 2010. Glassfibre cables, High Definition Video (HDTV) , Perfect Audio , subheadings and this all LIVE on The Internet.

Producer Nico Rasch

By live-chat we are informed by singers at home. Very interesting indeed, the stage-management receives questions, suggestions and remarks:

“Why not more pictures of the choir of the amateurs” and “I can see my Dad singing”

Really a client orientated (Web 2.0) approach.Also technical comment is welcomed: Broadband or not? Firefox browser? Large Screen or not.Visitors also exchange information about the (origin of) the text during the Messiah of Handel.

Or the instruments.

Derk : “Do you see how small a piccolo-trumpet really is”

Dozens of people (many younsters) are following and also mobilized (and react) by TWITTER.

Website: on the right the live-chat

Of course we will monitor closely “traffic” next days and tell you more about it