WCIT2010 in de startblokken

I will report news from WCIT2010 in Amsterdam on eHealth. 



eHealth and Telemedicine are breaking through on various domains in health and healthcare. eHealth encompasses both the administrative processes related to health and healthcare (such as elecronic medical files) health and health care delivery. Telemedicine is the application of clinical medicine where medical information is transferred via telephone, the Internet or other networks for the purpose of consulting, and sometimes remote medical procedures or examinations. In all of these domains, great progress has been made over the last couple of years, including the application of virtual reality and 3D and 4D. 

The challenge of eHealth is to attribute to good health care. The use of eHealth is necessary to keep a good qualitative health care affordable and accessible in the future. The growing ageing society and increasing medical technologies will strengthen the burden on the labour market for healthcare personnel. 

Facing these problems countries all over the world have embraced health IT as a critical component of health care reform and innovation strategies. Nevertheless it is difficult the right IT-solutions in health care because it is not only a technical intervention, but it needs also societal changes in the organization of the care process, With that it is central to delivering high quality health care, improving patient outcomes, controlling health care costs and empower patients.