Veronica Prego

Recently I found in an Archive this picture of Veronica Prego

Her name is associated with HIV contamination by medical causes (1983) in New York.

Here is part of an article by Arnold Lubasch in the New York Times (February 16,1990)

Doctor Sharply Disputes Her Colleague’s Testimony During AIDS Trial in Brooklyn

Dr. Veronica Prego’s version of how she punctured her finger on a contaminated syringe needle was sharply disputed yesterday by the doctor she has accused of causing the accident. Testifying earlier in the trial of her lawsuit, Dr. Prego contended that an intern, Dr. Joyce F. Fogel, drew the blood of an AIDS patient and then negligently left the needle on the patient’s bed in Kings County Hospital in Brooklyn.Yesterday, testifying in State Supreme Court, Dr. Fogel denied even being in the room of the patient, identified by his initials W. N., when the incident took place in 1983.”On the evening of Jan. 12, 1983, did you draw a blood culture on patient W. N.?” Dr. Fogel’s lawyer, Stanley D. Friedman, asked her. Who to Ultimately Believe? ”No, I did not,” Dr. Fogel replied firmly, while Dr. Prego stared silently at her in the crowded courtroom.The clashing testimony of the two doctors, who were once friendly colleagues, focuses on the core of the case. The outcome could depend largely on which doctor the jury ultimately believes……

Wikipedia states that March 1990 she dropped her lawsuit. A settlement was made. How she is nowadays? I just found this general type of information by Google:

Source: Website :

Does this means that she still works as a medical doctor and was succesfully treated?

But is the information right or wrong?