Teleconferencing about eHealth

After the very important Medicine 2.0 Conference in Maastricht, The Netherlands ( November 39-30, 2010)  the discussions continue in the social media.


I myself had a (SKYPE) conference with Yossi Bahagon of Israel afterwards.

We spoke about a presentation which he sent me before. Title “eHealth Reform: Nothing About Me, Without Me”

Autor teleconferencing with Yossi

Yossi (Medical Doctor) is Head of the eHealth Wing, Clalit Health Services in Israel.Clalit in Israel is a HMO (Health Maintenance Organisation) with 3,8 million Insured.
Because the waiting lists for Dermatology in Israel are long, I suggested him to adopt the Dutch Platform, built by KSYOS with proven technology and practices on Teledermatology.