Steinar Pedersen


The Future

Tromso Telemedicineconsult (Norway)

One of the keynote speakers of the mai 31th 2013 Adrenal Conference  is Steinar Pedersen. He gives a marvelous lecture about the future of healthcare for chronically ill people and their rare diseases. Steinar Pedersen is trained as a medical doctor. In 1993 he founded a center fot telemedicine and ehealth. Now he is in his third career as a consultant. He talks also about his ‘journey’ of the last 20 years.

Steinar Pedersen on the screen during the conference

A new word…

The context. 1985 a new word was emerging ‘Internet’. In 1991 the word wwww was introduced.”There is a cry for more money, more buildings, more staff . However, We are on a turning point, so Steinar Pedersen tells…..

Lecture (33 minutes)