Stable Story Arc


Jon Palfreman

Third Workshop Narrative Journalism, April 19th  2013,  Amsterdam, Oba

Chairman Jair Stein had tot translate it for the mainly Dutch participants. “Story Arc” means “Spanningsboog”. Jon Palfreman is one of the famous speakers with award winning films on difficult technical subjects as the climate and healthcare. Mostly documentaries. Jon Palfreman: “Start at a dramatic point, flash back and follow through to the end”. Sound and Sights. They work differently however…

Jon Palfreman

Breaking Story

Breaking Story needs: incident, Tick-Tock, Ripple effects, Consquences and Point of reasonable Stability. A dry topic as Health Insurances and Health Policy. In fact it is a matter of life and death. A million dollar baby. It tells the story in retrospect. “Sick aroud America“. The title is very important. The mother recalls her pregnancy going almost wrong. She had tot stay weeks in de hospital. The baby had many, many medical problems. “The one million dollar baby”. “Terrifying numbers of bills”.


Watch Sick Around America on PBS. See more from FRONTLINE.

Jon in Detail