Interesse voor solar heeft oorsprong in prijsvraag

..waarbij deze auteur prijs wint met ‘medische’ inzending

In Nederland is belangstelling de afgelopen jaren gegroeid

The Dutch Solar R&D Seminar 2010

The aim of this seminar is to promote exchange of knowledge and cross-fertilization between the various R&D paths and to stimulate cooperation in the area of research and development of all types of solar cells. The Dutch Solar Energy R&D Seminar is intended for all persons in the Netherlands that are professionally involved in solar cell research and development. Participation of PhD students is highly welcomed.

The Dutch Solar Energy R&D Seminar is organized every year by the Joint Solar Panel: a project of Shell and ECN, with subsidy (in part) from Agentschap NL and FOM.

Program Dutch Solar Energy R&D Seminar
R&D professionals in the field of solar energy will bring you up to speed on all relevant and current developments in solar energy, in a series of presentations and poster sessions.

Alongside the Dutch Solar Energy R&D Seminar, Agentschap NL will organize the event ‘PV-Solar in practice’. Both events will start and finish with a plenary presentation. At the event ‘PV-Solar in practice’ visitors can learn more about the market developments of solar energy, integration of solar energy systems into buildings, exchange of practical experiences and funding possibilities for solar energy systems. Participants are welcome to switch between both events.