Rubbing helps



Linked Tokens for the sick

When one is diagnosed with a severe illness, language often fails. In such cases, the tokens of In Sickness and In Health can be of help. Before you inform a loved one about your illness, you can create a special bond by  ordening a set of linked tokens. These become a symbol for your special relationship as stated by Marco van Beers.

Dutch Design Week (DDW12) Eindhoven


When rubbed for a prolonged period of time, the token will start to glow more intensely also at the side of the person who is ill. This will tell the sick person that somebody is thinking of  him (or her). In Sickness & In Health adds a new dimension tot communication during a severe illness. It lowers the threshold to engage and has a sysmbolic meaning.

Kort Interview


Marco van Beers also participated in a TEDxMaastricht talk about “Technology for Empathy”