Next bootcamp May, 28th , 2013, Eindhoven, Netherlands. Now an impression of last year’s  (2012) Bootcamp. Storytelling ‘processing’ is marvelous. Mid 19th century sailing was the way to travel across the oceans. The Clipper was a new type of sailing ship. This ship could sail faster. However still much time was lost.  A captain Matthew Fotaine Maury was banned by his superiors from the US Navy to the Navy archives, so Christian W. Gunther tells in his Opening Keynote speech. Maury did a discovery there by studying charts..



He did an excellent job. He found out what was the best way to travel by sailing ship. The first year 2,5 million dollar was already saved by US Navy thanks to this ‘process mining’.  Safety, Quality and Efficiency of processes that have been logged, can be analyzed nowadays using software tools. Fluxicon (Anne Rozinat and Christian W. Gunther) now in its 5th year of existence, is very successful in this processmining activities. See you in Eindhoven soon?

From Bootcamp presentation Flexicon (2012)