Performance Based Consumption

Sabine Oberhuber

Keynote Speaker DDW

Dutch Design Week 2011

Keynote Speaker Sabine Oberhuber stole my heart with her approach.The Dutch Design Week 2011 in Eindhoven really is great.


Born in Freiburg  and married with famous architect Thomas Rau ( UMCG !) they both introduced a radical change (Turntoo) recently. From ownership (old linear economy) to performance (new circular economy) as a driver. What that means? Turntoo doesn’t purchase lightbulbs anymore from Philips, but buys illumination (a certain amount of lux/surface/year). This is in my view a real disturbing type of innovation. Much more than a Cradle to Cradle (C2C) philosophy. It can change our economy, even our whole life.

Keynote speaker Sabine Oberhuber

Health Care

Being basically a architecture company, I ask Sabine Oberhuber whether  Turntoo is also interested in hospitals and healthcare in general. It takes her less than one minute:


Healthcare in The Netherlands must be innovative. This statement might give inspiration? What do you think?