People move Faster…. do infectious diseases


Amsterdam Workshops

April 15-17th 2013

“Our goal is to advance self-reported, participatory surveillance for infuenza and other diseases”. How to do that and to join forces is the purpose of this series of workshops. IWOPS= International Workshop on Participatory Surveillance.

Infographics (by Diana Arsenian)

Quick Respons

How to get early signals of an outbreak? Not only in humans, but these days also in animals (The One Health movement). The use of a list of symptoms (questionnaire) and self-reporting by civilians (crowd sourcing) is helpful. The context can be different, but by sharing data and by visualisation a quick respons / intervention by authorities can be made.

Mark Smolinski (internist), Director Global Health Threats

Letter of Intent(LOI)

In The Netherlands, Carl Koppeschaar and Ronald Smallenburg were far ahead with their tool “de Grote Griepmeting“. On the first day of IWOPS2  a Letter of Intent was signed by the members of the new consortium.
Cooperation regarding topics like data exchange, application of agreed survey instruments, ecxchange of ideas on recruitment of volunteers, ICT cooperation, Jointly Scientific articles, Innovation, Mutual promotion of projects, global promotion of cooperation in the field of online monitoring of contagious disease and financial arrangements (where necessary).

International Cooperation (LOI)

Influenzanet, FNY (Flu near you) and Flutracking