Hyperlocal Journalism



Hyperlocal Journalism

An appointment on a sunny monday in oktober 2011 in Prague (Tsjechie). Martin Brummel (picture) is businesspartner of Roman Gallo for many years.

But, who Roman Gallo is?

Gallo’s project on ‘hyperlocal journalism‘ had great impact, also abroad. In The Netherlands the idea’s of Gallo were quickly adopted (dichtbij.nl), although Roman Gallo himself was forced to stop the pilot. These days Gallo is in the Middle East. In the Starbucks coffeeshop aan ‘Vaclavske Namesti’ we have a very interesting discussion with Martin.

Martin Brummel on Wenceslas Square (Prague)

One Year

The new company Gallomultimedia.com exists almost a year. Martin Brummel and Roman Gallo work nowadays for several big company’s like Nestle and Groupon. The multimedia approach makes it obligatory to have a view on social media. Martin says: