Hospital-acquired bacteria

Patient Transfer

Hospital-acquired bacteria

Dispersal dynamics

Shows one realisation of the 5,000 model simulations.Main panel shows the geographical distribution of the hospital trusts in England. The animation captures the dispersal dynamics of hospital-acquired bacteria after an outbreak in a single hospital in the East Midlands whereby 5% of all patients have been infected.



Yellow radiating lines indicate transfer of infected patients to other hospitals. The colour of the placemarks indicates the prevalence in individual hospital (Black, hospitals that never encountered infected patients. Gray, hospitals with history of infected patients but no present cases. Pale yellow, hospitals with 0–10% present cases. Yellow, hospitals with 10–15% present cases. Red, hospitals with >15% present). The top right panel shows the point prevalence in each of the hospitals as time progresses, the middle right panel shows the percentage of hospitals that have encountered the infection (blue line) and the percentage of hospitals that have present cases. The lover right panel indicates the progression in time.