The human interface


Smart Eye

Smart Eye Pro can be used to optimize the human interface to any object and to study how users interact with machines, toys, art objects or any other objects. The optimization of the ergonomy, working speed or intuitive way to understand how to use an object is very difficult, but the Smart Eye Pro system can be set up to measure how a user surveys the object and looks at the markers and lables. Several Scene Cameras can be used to register the handling of the object and the gaze can be superimposed on the videos for analysis. This can then be used to optimize the design of the object.

Author in front of screen


The possibility to syncronize several Smart Eye Pro Eye Trackers also allows the analysis of several users simultaneously.


Smart Eye Pro is also used to track gaze on objects and PC-screens at the same time. This is used to optimize computer connected devices with PC-interface, control buttons and other interfaces. Source.