Calibration our Religion

MicroTas 2010

Dermot Diamond

Center for Sensor Web technologies

This statement was heard yesterday (october 4th 2010) in microTas2010 (Miniaturized Systems for Chemistry and Life Sciences  3 – 7 October 2010)


This all was said by Dermot Diamond from Dublin City University of Ireland. He works in the CLARITY Center for Sensor Web technologies.

The microTAS principle (evolution)

From evolution to revolution

Water quality monitoring: stimulus-responsive materials the key to the analytical platforms of the future?”. I myself was listening and looking to this presentation from a medical point of view. We use sensors more and more in Medicine, but there are problems.

Sensor Hierarchy (D.Diamond)

The sensor surface will change with time (sometimes within a day). Calibration is a huge problem. There is a need for new techniques to scale-up.

Scale-up (D.Diamond)

Photoswitchable materials can give an answer:

Photoswitchable (D.Diamond)


Even it’s possible to make polymer pumps this way. What to move…like chemotaxis. Even a robotfish called Wanda (Wireless Aquatic Navigator for Detection and Analysis) with a built-in camera is produced.

Move (D.Diamond)