Architect in Concepts

Joeri Borstlap


I meet Joeri Borstlap on December 27th ,2010

in the YourHosting Offices in Zwolle, The Netherlands. Joeri Borstlap (42) lives and works in Berlin (Germany). Now he spends his Christmas Holidays with his brother Valentijn, Director of the succesful YourHosting company.

How can an architect of prestigious TU Delft be such an innovator in Healthcare?

Joeri Borstlap is not the person  who claims this title “Innovator”. Even he is a little too modest. But the facts are overwhelming. Already as a student he was active inEASA ( European students of architecture) and organized Summerschools. He now is co-ordinator at the famous Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin. Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cells. He certainly looks forward for new challenges.

Borstlap “as an Architect you have to be creative and interested in social topics”

Although he never created hospitals, you can really call him the architect of the Center for Regenerative Therapies, part of the Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin. Not only the architect of the building, but also the concept and the organisation and the finances. You can all read it on the BRCT website:

Development of communications-, IT-, and infrastructure projects in the field of stem cell research and regenerative medicine.
Co-ordinator of:
•Berlin – Brandenburg Center for Regenerative Therapies –
•Human Embryonic Stem Cell Registry – hESCreg –
•Regenerative Medicine Initiative Berlin – RMIB –
•Regenerative Medicine Initiative Germany – RMIG –
•CellNet.Org – Networking in Regenerative Medicine –